About me

Hi, I'm Erik Brown, born in South Bank (still known as Slaggy Island) outside Middlesbrough in the North-east of England. I trained as a journalist on a daily newspaper in the glory days before the Internet, when journalists were the only source of news and we all used typewriters and shorthand and had to go outside to get stories and interview people. It was loads of fun. Moved to London in 1981 to learn how to make magazines. Set up a magazine publishing company with a friend eight years later, and ran it for 24 years. Sold up and retrained as a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist - just because I wanted to. Now slipping gently into writerly retirement with the love of my life, the elusive Mrs B. What else? I play rhythm and slide guitar (with a little blues harp and vocals thrown in) and I enjoy photography. When I set up my consultancy business seven years ago I called it Grayhawk Consulting. It was a little joke - as a lifelong birder I saw Grayhawk (it's an American raptor) as the equivalent of  one of those elderly 'Silver Foxes' young companies hire as mentors. The joke backfired when young friends started calling me The Grayhawk - the latest in a lifetime of nicknames, not all of them so polite.

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