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The bag of dreams

In my bag of dreams,

I searched for a lost child

in a city of steep streets

and shadowed arches,

and ran with a hundred

commuters across a highway.

I lost my coat and my wallet

and my pens and my keys, 

and I could not get to where

I was supposed to be.

I missed the last train

and could not find a taxi

and was myself lost in silent

streets lit by sodium lamps.

In the soft, damp darkness,

there were watchers, 

I could feel them.

And then, in Athens, there was

an explosion. Beyond the balcony

of our hotel, I could see flames.

But the girl with glasses did not see them. 

She slept undisturbed in my bed,

in her own bag of dreams. 

And in her bag of dreams, she gave me 

books and whispered softly: “Learn.”